Five Greatest iPad Cases

Here is a list of the five best iPad cases.

By Jessie Krehlik
News Editor
Black Leather Case with Built-in Stand, Amazon $7
Pros: This case is cheap, and the landscape built-in stand is adjustable to fit all your needs. It’s also not a slip cover, so you’ve got some durability.
Cons: This is not a hard case. You cannot stand it portrait style. If you don’t snap the case closed, the iPad can slide out. Nothing holds it in place.

iPad Snap-Fit Shell, $14.95-$35.95

Pros: These cases snap right onto the iPad so your silver backing won’t get scratched! They come in a variety of styles, so you can express yourself. Because the majority of these cases cost only about $15, you could justify buying more than one to fit your moods.
Cons: This case doesn’t have a stand and it doesn’t protect the screen. Some of these cases have an opening that shows the Apple symbol. Although this looks cool, there’s a chance dirt can get between the case and the iPad, which will scratch the iPad.
CrazyOnDigital Folio Light Brown Leather Case, Amazon $20
Pros: This case looks and feels great. In addition to providing a landscape orientation stand, the portfolio has a few slots for pockets on the side opposite of the iPad. It even has a slot for a pen or pencil.
Cons: If you use this case to its full potential, you’ll probably keep things in the pockets. Depending on what you put in those pockets, it’s possible you could inadvertently scratch the iPad’s screen as the two touch when the portfolio closes.
Mr. Green Monkey Designs $17-$40
Pros: These cases are all eco-friendly! They come in a variety of textures and styles, ranging from Levi-Strauss jeans to animal prints. The iPad is securely fastened in the case when the case is closed. It’s great for anyone conscious of fashion; some of these cases feature a strap so you can carry the iPad like a purse. They look like they might be large enough fit an iPad with another case.
Cons: This case is not a stand case, so if you remove it from the case, it’s fully exposed to the elements. It is also not the most heavy-duty case out there. Because it’s made of cloth, your iPad could still break if you dropped it.
The Cloak, $55.00
Pros: This case is heavy-duty. Made of a mixture of plastic and rubber, the iPad is definitely safe in this case. It offers a variety of stand options as well. A stand retracts on the back of the case to make the iPad stand portrait style. The rubber surrounding the case allows for customized height when in portrait orientation. There is also a second retractable stand that allows users to type on the iPad in landscape orientation.
Cons: This case is HEAVY. Sure, it’s heavy duty, so if you drop it, you’ll be safe. But then again, maybe if it wasn’t so heavy, you wouldn’t have dropped it in the first place. The rubber surface also attracts a lot of dirt. Although the case looks pretty cool, you’ll find it annoying when you keep wiping away pencil marks. It attracts them like a light bulb attracts moths.