Aja’s Viral November Vids

These are your need to see November vids. Title’s
first, YouTube account second. (P.S. Some don’t have a go-to account so just
search it)

By Aja Hannah
Editor of Arts and Entertainment
1. Swagger Wagon – Sienna
2. Whip My Hair – Willow Smith (Will Smith’s Daughter)
3. How to Shower: Women vs. Men – jgrandin1
4. Council Member Meltdown – notolls
5. Anything from Cyanide and Happiness
6. Never Say No To Panda
7. Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance – naturalinfluence
8. Could-Have-Been Love Story – blau111
9. Hot Chocolate (I Believe in Miracles) – 20raven00
10. Fun With Google Instant – “We Didn’t Start the Fire” – Burlesque