Blast from the Past Apps

These are blast from the past apps, apps that are
like games from childhood that I found. No students voted, polled, or anything.
There is no Top 10, they aren’t listed from best to worst.

By Aja Hannah
Editor of Arts and Entertainment
Blast From the Past
iPad Apps from Childhood
All the apps I have listed have free versions. The only purchases necessary are for full versions.
1. Crazy Symon – Blast from the past of the Simon flashing colors pattern game. Harder than I thought it’d be.
2. Checkers 360
3. Glow Hockey 2 HD- Table Hockey with glow sticks
4. MASH Lite – Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House
5. Aces Traffic Pack Classic HD- Move the traffic to get your red car to the exit
6. Oregon Trail – You have the buy the full thing to win though
7. Four in a Row – The free version of Connect 4
8. MineSweeper
9. Frotz- Interactive Fiction on the go.