“No Strings Attached” offers few benefits aside from humor

By Rachel Hursen


“No Strings Attached”, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman as lovers Adam and Emma, is a raunchy chick flick with a Hollywood ending. The film is a mix of drug usage, innuendoes, and what it means to be friends with benefits.

It was hilarious.

You know from the beginning that Adam and Emma will end up falling in love. It’s a romantic comedy. That’s how these things work; however, there are so many ups and downs that you have to wonder how it could all tie together.

Adam, an assistant for a Glee-style television show, goes to visit his dad.  Dad is an ex-television star of a show called “Great Scott!” and is constantly using drugs. This time, it’s Mary Jane acquired via a medical card obtained by his agent. But Dad has a new girlfriend, who just so happens to be Adam’s ex.

Adam goes to see his friends, the permanent devils on his shoulder. They all decide that it would be a superb idea for Adam to call every girl in his phone until someone agrees to spend the evening with him.

Alcohol is a major factor in the next few scenes, and it culminates in Adam waking up nude on a couch. The women in the apartment tease him, each saying they had relations with him. Emma, an old friend, then appears, saying Adam did not have relations with anyone. In fact, he removed his clothing, acted like a Chippendale dancer, and then cried to Emma until he passed out.

It gets classier.

They then have an awkward moment, perched partially clothed on Emma’s bed. They have intercourse, and this leads to the brilliant idea to use each other for that purpose. They set ground rules, such as no getting attached, no calling each other pet names, and no using each other as emergency contacts.

Still, someone gets attached, and Emma, the psychopathic woman, makes the decision that they must both have relations with someone else before this non-relationship relationship continues.

Jealousy, tennis rackets, and donuts ensue. Milkshakes, carrot bouquets, and hamsters? Oh my…

A rom-com worth seeing if you thought “The Hangover” was funny, “No Strings Attached” leaves you with the feeling that you’ve never felt so many emotions about a movie you already knew the ending to.

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