Q&A with Coach Tamastis

Ericson Browne


Q: What are your expectations for the season ahead?

A: We can do big things this year if we continue to work hard and take every game one at a time.  If we stay focused and work towards the ultimate goal that we set for ourselves, we will be successful.  We only lost two players from last year’s squad when we were 9-7, so we are hoping that with help from incoming freshman, we will continue to build on that record.

Q: Do you think there is a possibility of a winning streak with the players you have?

A: Yes.  They were able to put one together last year, so they will be able to do the same again.

Q: What do you expect from returning players?

A: They will come in and continue to build off of what we developed last year.  They figured out a way to win and how it felt to win.  I want them to carry that on, especially to our freshmen.  I will look to them for leadership and to push through some of the games that we lost last year to get the win that we deserve and want.

Q: What do you and your team hope to achieve this season?

A: We hope to achieve a winning season above ten wins, to finish in the top three of our conference and to win close games.

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