SHU Lions Club gains international status

By Adrienne Bracken


The Lions Club at Seton Hill University (SHU) officially became a Charter Club on January 29. This status recognizes the Lions Club at SHU as an international organization.

The club celebrated the change with an event including speakers from around the state.

“[The event] is important because it means that the SHU Lions Club is now an international club! It is something SHU has been working towards for many years now, and it is awesome that we were finally able to do this,” said Anna Provo, a junior and club secretary. Other members of the club shared Provo’s reaction.

“I believe that, in order to be effective, a club must change once in a while. I see that this change is very positive. [SHU] students will now have the opportunity to make a difference to the community,” stated Jessica Orlowski, a junior and newly appointed member to the board of directors of the Lions Club at SHU.

The club was born from the dreams of Amanda Clontz, a sociology major and alumna of SHU. She was involved in the Lions Club in her hometown and desired to carry on the excellent services the club provided.

James Paharik, a sociology professor at SHU, agreed to advise the club becausehe knew what astounding community services it could provide. Paharik is proud of the work the club has done thus far and was pleased to have it recognized at the charter event.

“The unique thing about the [SHU] club is that it is a way for [SHU] students to help the community while working hand-in-hand with a community organization. At the charter event there were Lions officials from this region and beyond who recognized the work of our [SHU] students. I am proud that so many [SHU] students have given their time to the club and have made it a success,” Paharik said.

Clontz’s visions and Paharik’s views have been passed on to current members of the club.

“The Lions club impacts [SHU] greatly. Part of the mission statement here is ‘to change the world.’ That is a pretty big deal, but it is something Lions Club can do. Being an international organization, Lions Club changes the world every day raising money for cancer, helping the visually and hearing impaired, building wheelchair ramps. Lions look to not only change the world, but to have fun in the process,” said Provo.

Despite changing over to a charter club, the goals of the Lions Club at SHU remain the same. The club focuses on helping others in the community with a particular emphasis on assisting the visually impaired. In fact, the Lions Club at SHU raised over $1,000 last year and donated it to a staff member of the Seton Hill dining hall in need of corrective vision surgery.

The club shows no signs of slowing down. Its members are already planning new events for the spring semester and will continue inspiring others to join and do work for the community.



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