Aja’s Viral Vids: March 2011

Aja Hannah

A&E Editor

1. Bathroom Hog by GetARealPlan

2. New Most Interesting Man in the World by JoseCapsIsTaken

3. PUPPY NOT WANT!! by Tobuscus

4. Seton Hill Offers Stephen Colbert iPad 2 by Seton Hill University

5. Blacktino Trailer by illuminavi0

6. Donald Glover – Can’t Say it on jokes.com

7. Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICAL VIDEO) by trizzy66

8. How to trick people into thinking you are good looking by Jenna Marbles

9. Devastating tsunami hits Japan by AlJazeeraEnglish

10. Red Cross compares disaster to bombed out war city by CBSNewsOnline

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