Dear Seton Hill, I want more face time…Love Chels

By Chelsea Oliver

Senior Staff Writer

So, the news of the iPad 2 is technically old by now, but let’s talk about my feelings, because I know you all care deeply about how I feel.

I don’t want one. I love my iPad, I guess its considered an iPad 1 now. If you remember my first column, “Sorry, I’m a PC,” then you’ll remember that I named my iPad Issac. And I am far from ready to end our friendship for his “upgraded” younger cousin.

Within a week of meeting Issac, I knew he was  missing a few things; one being a camera, two being a case, three a USB hook up and finally, flash video capabilities. Little cousin, iPad 2, still doesn’t have the last two on that list, but maybe when iPad 17 comes out, we’ll have all that I was looking for from the beginning.  Maybe then I’ll consider replacing Issac, but until then we shall remain friends.

Now although it’s pretty and slimmer and may bring Stephen Colbert to campus, this whole “face time” thing is not selling it for me. I want real face time. I want to talk to people face to face…not through the screen of an iPad.

Issac is nice and all, but he’s not a real person. He can’t give advice, he can’t help me in stressful situations to calm down… he can’t help deliver a baby… drive a car… nothing. The iPad 2 can’t either. I’m sure there are apps to give you instructions, maybe even tutorials but nothing beats a real person and their face time.

So why are we obsessing? Why are people complaining that their iPads aren’t good enough and want to replace them already? Why are lines in the mall wrapped around the food court and back just to get on a waiting list to get one? And why is this what may bring a B-List celebrity to our campus?

We’re missing out on real face time- real relationships with real people. I love Issac, but he is, technically, replaceable. The people you walk past in the hall however, are not. There will not be a “better” or upgraded version of them released in about ten months, and the time with them is not replaceable. So while updating your status about wanting an iPad 2 or even waiting in line, wishing you were closer to the door to get one… remember that there are better things to do with your time, like talk to your friends in real time, face to face.

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