Students search for ways to help victims in Japan

By Chelsea Oliver and Steph Wilson

Senior Staff Writer and Contributor

On Friday, March 11 an 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook Japan and caused a tsunami to hit Japan’s Northeast coast, Hawaii, California and Oregon. This was the fifth largest earthquake in recorded history since 1900 and Seton Hill University (SHU) is wondering where and how to help.

“Who wouldn’t want to help? It’s our duty as human beings to help out if we can,” said Stephen Ray, a sophomore. While the death toll is currently at 2,400 and rising, expected to reach 10,000.  Over 350,000 people are left to live in shelters.

“I think we can all assist the people of Japan [with] our prayers for them. We can also contribute to a reputable agency that will see that the funds go directly to the people who are suffering tragic loss in Japan,” said Maureen O’Brien, director of campus ministry. O’Brien also suggested contacting Catholic Relief Services to find different ways to get involved.

Jessica Orlowski, a junior, said that SHU students plan to do a collection during Mass and sell fortune cookies and paper cranes to celebrate Asian culture while also raising money to help support victims of the natural disasters.

If you wish to get involved in the efforts, Catholic Relief Services website offers ideas and contact information for their organization on their website To make a direct contribution through a SHU based organization, contact O’Brian or Student Government to propose fundraiser ideas.


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