Seton Hill offers healthy options for spring

By Adrienne Bracken

Staff Writer

Winter is finally coming to a close, and we are packing up those bulky sweaters in favor of shorts and tees.  The sun is coming out more often, the air is warming up and the winter is slowly disappearing before our eyes.  In other words, spring has finally arrived.

Spring is, without question, a season of change and new beginnings.  And let’s face it- most of us did not trek through Seton Hill’s (SHU) snowy tundra to the gym every day or neglect steaming cups of hot chocolate on excessively cold nights.  Keeping that in mind, spring presents itself as the ideal time to begin making more health conscious decisions.

Luckily, SHU provides a variety of resources on campus that can be taken advantage of this spring.  As far as physical fitness goes, the gym is open daily, including weekends.  Free yoga, Zumba and kickboxing courses are also offered different days throughout the week.  SHU’s pool can be taken advantage of every week day as well.

Healthy options for eating are available at SHU’s cafeteria.  Though admittedly the hot spot of the dining hall is the dessert table, it can be passed up in favor of more nutritious and filling foods.  The salad bar is in the back daily and often contains different fruits and yogurts in addition to vegetables.  Fresh fruit and bread products can be found on the dessert table as well.  A fresh sandwich line is available each day at lunch.  Rather than drinking beverages from the soda fountain every day, students can instead opt for the water, several types of milk or fresh iced tea, which are healthier substitutes.

Some SHU students are already making appropriate preparations for healthier lifestyles this spring.

“I have decided to join the fencing club, which will meet and practice every Wednesday,” said junior John Bitsura.  He hopes that joining the club will help him get into top physical shape.

Freshman Kristi Smith also has plans to stay physically active for the remainder of this semester.  “I do a couple of things to stay relatively healthy, one being to exercise as much as I can. This usually means a few times a week. I also ea as healthily as the cafeteria lets me.”

SHU’s students are clearly gearing up for healthy changes this spring season, and you should too.


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