Griff’s Flyover May 2011

The first ever “free store” will be on Mon., May 9 in front of McKenna. The free store is built upon the idea that “one person’s junk is another’s treasure.”  Instead of throwing away binders or usable items bring them by the free store. There is no bargaining—simply reusing! Free stores are common in cities and campuses as a way to pass along items with others. Remaining items at the end of the event will be donated to Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul.

On April 30, the Westmoreland-Chestnut Ridge American Red Cross chapter held a four-hour seminar on “International Humanitarian Law” free of charge. Around 18 students attended. The course covered the Geneva Convention and the purpose of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) – “a set of rules that seek to protect those who do not or no longer take part in hostilities and restrict the means and methods of welfare.” The course also had students actively participating in discussing IHL’s purpose and presence. All participants received a lifetime certification card.

April 26 brought a wicked spring storm to Seton Hill University (SHU).  Rainfall accumulated rapidly, tiny hail poured down and a large amount of debris was spread over campus.  The most serious damage occurred after a tree was uprooted and fell in one of the parking lots.  Approximately six vehicles were damaged, one of which was totaled.  Overall, though, SHU was spared the severe destruction to which other surrounding areas fell victim.



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