Griff’s June Flyover

Seton Hill University (SHU) is making some big changes this summer. Aside from the typical painting, renovations have been happening in The Cove, the cafeteria and in several computer labs.

The Cove will not only be getting a new look but also a new, healthier choice of foods.  “The changes brought the Maura lounge and Havey Hall new chairs as well,” said SHU Student Life’s Twitter on the subject.

Changes in the in the cafeteria are more localized. The small crowded dish area will be made more efficient with a shorter dish line.

The computer lab located next to the post office received a makeover as well. Several computers have been added as well as a new printer. There are even new desks and swivel chairs. These changes in the lab may draw more students into the under utilized lab.


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