News Flash: Facebook tells a fraction of the college story

A word to the wise from a senior to incoming freshmen: college is a new beginning; embrace the possibilities. You’ll face new adventures, freedom from parents and a priceless education at a liberal arts institution. In the scheme of things, four years isn’t that long at all. Just enough time to figure out what you really want to do with your life, only not at all. Just enough time to switch your major four times and then somehow, miraculously, graduate in less than five years. Just enough time to become who you want to be.

How many college freshmen have a clue what they want to do for the rest of their lives? I sure didn’t. College is about finding yourself, wasting money and making memories—and no I don’t just mean endless Facebook albums. I’m talking long nights with text books and study groups.

Here’s some advice, from one student to another. I’m not saying don’t have a good time, don’t make bad decisions, don’t fall on your face every once in a while. I’m saying, make the most of the time you have, because once those four years are gone, you’re in the real world, and there’s no turning back from that.

Work for the weekend—you’ll appreciate your time away from studies a lot more than if you put everything off until the last minute. It always amazes me that so many of my friends don’t work summer jobs—they don’t study or apply themselves until right before the deadline. We all procrastinate and somehow manage to pull it all off, but is it worth it?

I’m the first to admit that I’ve been suffering from senioritis since I was a sophomore. It doesn’t get any better as you grow older.

It’s okay to party now and again, but don’t overdo it. Don’t judge your life by looking at other kids’ endless supply of Facebook albums. Those albums show good times, but they don’t show the majority of a student’s life. Also, be careful what you post on Facebook—you never know who’s going to right click and save a photo of you doing a kegstand—underage.

Those who party too hard won’t last through a semester, and if they do, they’ll probably need to repeat a few classes. How many of your parents would be happy to pay for an additional year’s worth of courses (without any financial aid or scholarships) because their kid decided Sam Adams was more important than Geoffrey Chaucer.

Some will be lucky and pull off straight C’s…C’s do get degrees, but do you want to walk away from college with that kind of transcript? Be proud of what you do, of what you create, of who you’re becoming.

My last warning: college comes with additional freedom from mum and dad. This also means they won’t be here to pick you up every time you fall apart nor will they be here to wake you up when you’re already late for your second class.

College opens so many doors. Don’t let stupidity close them before you get the chance to have an amazing adventure. Attend campus events, pep rallies, football games. Go to the foam dance—it’s a blast.

Try out for SHU Idol. Join as many clubs as you can. Attend Midnight Bingo. Embrace another culture. Live your life.


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