Blink 182 combines the new and nostalgic

The First Niagara Pavilion was packed with fans for the 2011 Honda Civic Tour with Blink-182, My Chemical Romance and Matt & Kim. The tour hit Burgettstown, Pa. Thursday, Sept. 15.

Aside from bringing along upbeat, timeless music, the tour also brought along an incredible show. The stages for My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 were an amazing array of lights, lasers and backdrops.

Matt & Kim are an energetic pair from Brooklyn. The two fit under the genres of dance and punk.

The band completed their own tour this past summer. The duo is certainly more low key from the tour’s headliners but have a broad and dedicated fan base.

My Chemical Romance came out with a bang. They quickly jumped to their 2004 hit: “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” Hits like “Helena,” “Teenagers” and “Welcome to the Black Parade” echoed through the venue as fans sung passionately along. The band ended with their primarily vocal song “Cancer.”

Frontman Gerard Way sprung around with bright red hair. He effortlessly connected to the audience with contagious energy.

The stage set-up complemented bright colors like Way’s hair, which stood out amongst the black backgrounds of the stage.

During the stage change, television played its own Honda Civic Tour channel which contained vignettes of interviews with Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance that were laced in between with advertisements from Honda.

Live tickers of shout outs from the crowd were featured along the bottom of the screen, where excited fans texted and tweeted about their anticipation.

Twitter also found its way on the televisions with another live ticker for threads from the hashtag, #hondacivictour.

Before long, silence came over the venue and Blink-182 appeared in a shroud of white light. They broke out with the instrumental introduction of “Feeling This” and the crowd went wild.

Blink’s stage set up was reflective of their new album “Neighborhoods,” due Sept. 27, and several songs were played. The screens around the stage showed members of the band through a black and white threshold filter.

Lead singer Tom Delogne even called out the recent leak, telling fans that if they had downloaded the leaked album he expected them to be singing along.

The screens primarily focused on Hoppus but during fast paced segments of songs, would switch rapidly on the two other members, Drummer Travis Barker, and Bassist Mark Hoppus.

Barker let out his all; during the encore he jumped out with a drum solo. Hoppus was fairly quiet but his presence was well known in his quick add-ons to the songs.

Delogne was very personable and claimed he missed a chord in a song and had the band go back and do the skipped segment for the audience.

Blink sang all their top hits and ended with “All the Small Things,” which even had staff members dancing along with the crowd.

Hoppus announced that they were going to pretend they were done but that they’d be back shortly for the encore.

The Honda Civic Tour did not disappoint. In addition to being a treasured nostalgic event the concert had something even more special: everyone in the crowd connected through the timelessness of music.

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