Got Homesickness? Get involved!

Being away from home, whether it is just a few minutes or more than a few hours, can be tough. At school, there may be activities on every corner of campus, but it can be difficult to shift focus from one’s life at home to one’s life at school.

Dave Zlockie, the area coordinator for residence life, recommends developing a routine and simply getting involved.

“You don’t have to run for president of a club or hold an office,” said Zlockie. “By signing up for something, you put yourself in a situation to meet people.”

Perhaps the best way to help shift that focus is by taking advantage of what college has to offer. Here are a few ways to branch out:

Take a chance and talk to all kinds of people. The great thing about being at school is you can just ask people what their major is and it’s easy to go from there.

Talk to your RA.
Your resident assistant can help introduce you to other students with similar interests. They can also tell you about clubs, places and activities on campus and even help you find them.

Go to club meetings
Find out about something that interests you. There is no contract that says you have to go back if you don’t want to.

Get active
Go to the gym, take a zumba or yoga class! Jump in on a Frisbee game. Go to Sullivan at night for hockey club. Do something fun!

Student Activates Board
It is located near Maura 223. It is full of events going on each day. You can also check out the “Happenings” page on Griffin’s Lair. At dinner, read the spinning table tops for weekly events. Movies at Seton Hill University (SHU) cinema are offered throughout every weekend.

Talk to your parents and encourage them to send you a surprise. Share your mailbox with friends and family. There is always something special about receiving a physical package.

Dr. Robin Anke, the associate dean of students and director of residence life, suggested that parents contact their students. “Send a quick card. A two minute phone call also goes a long way. Nothing had to be super elaborate, it is always nice to hear something from home,” said Anke.

“The first thing I got in my mailbox was a musical card from home. I was so excited,” said freshmen Denali Espy. “I’ve lived at home my whole life. It is always nice to get something from home.”

Sister Maureen O’Brien says that the most important thing is to make SHU your home. “You may find that come winter break when you are home you’ll be missing Seton Hill.”

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