Griffins to overcome slow start

Despite an 0-3 start on the season, the Seton Hill University (SHU) football team has no plans of giving up.

“The last two seasons have been very disappointing for me, the staff, the players and everyone here at SHU. We have high expectations each year and to fall short is again very disappointing,” said head coach Joel Dolinski.

“We are still a relatively new program in the big picture of things and we are still attempting to establish a tradition of success,” said Dolinski.

Despite two losing seasons, Dolinski isn’t quite ready to change his practice habits yet.  “As far as the way I approach practices and camp, I really don’t change the way I approach things. I have my routine, my belief, my plan on what it takes to win and I stick to that plan. Whether we are successful versus not is how well we can preserve our plan. I approach each season with optimism and expecting to win.”

As with any team, the group has their strengths and weaknesses.  Dolinkski said his group’s leaders are among their greatest strengths.

“I feel having experienced players returning in the defensive front seven and the offensive skill positions will provide stability and comfort.  Those guys have been in the fire so to speak and they won’t get rattled. They know what to expect come game time.”

Included in those experienced players are senior tight ends Chris Galadyk and Zach Delo, senior linebacker Nick McGahagan, senior quarterback DJ Lenehan, and sophomore defensive lineman Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil.

However, the weaknesses are usually what fans are quick to pick out.  Dolinski recognizes the youth of his team as one of their biggest weaknesses.  He has faith that the Griffins will bounce back though.

“We have attempted to cut back on what we do and are trying to keep it more simplified for those kids on the offensive line and the defensive backfield. Since August 10, the day we reported to camp, those kids as well as the entire team have continuously improved.”

SHU football has the chance to redeem itself Saturday at Offutt Field against West Virginia Wesleyan with a
3:00 p.m. kickoff.


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