Summer’s retired; Hello Autumn attire

A. Fleckenstein / Setonian
Smiling | Freshman Lindsey Jacko makes a statement with her fashionable autumn attire. In a green jacket and flowered dress, she is certainly making a statement. Tall brown boots are tying the look together.

Fall is just around the corner and students at Seton Hill University (SHU) dress to impress and/or get ready to be warm and comfy. This season brings more to the table than others and the casualty of layering is definitely back.

Autumn is the perfect time for new jackets and closed toed shoes. This year, the most common will be the denim jacket as well as embellished flats or classic boots.

“There is something about the feeling of a simple jacket making the outfit to be put together,” said freshman Lindsey Jacko. Denim jackets and leather bomber jackets are both versatile and useful for a cold fall night.

Rich browns, maroons and burnt oranges are just a few colors for the season. Use these colors for simple layering tactics. With a new over-sized shirt and one of these colors, there is no doubt you’ll make a statement.

Accessories always make the outfit. Brown or black belts, or colorful headbands make the outfit. “It really pulls out those small colors hidden…and makes them jive well with the outfit. They take those colors they seem to not belong and give them a place in full attire!” said freshman Terrance Austin.

Having versatile pieces with simple shirts, skits or plain pants always leave you with an opportunity to be more adventurous with tops. Having a simple dress with a cardigan can be worn for a casual day outing. A pair of earrings or bold piece of jewelry creates an impromptu night look.

As the fall season progresses, there is nothing better than a warm comfy sweater. Whether it is over-sized or tight, both looks will work in your favor.

Remember, the key to dressing successful is attire that fits your personality no matter what that is.

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