Cheerleaders making a difference on and off the Hill

Seton Hill University (SHU) event coordinator Wendy Veshosky wanted to make a difference.  Anyone who compares this year’s cheerleading squad to those in past years can easily say that she has.

Veshosky came into her coaching position through the apparent disappearance of the Seton Hill Griffin.  After asking to have the SHU mascot at recruiting events, she was put in charge of setting up his appearances.  From there, athletic director Chris Snyder asked Veshosky to take over the cheerleaders as well.

“Wendy has done an outstanding job with the cheerleading squad and the Griffin so far this year,” Snyder said.  “Having a coach here on campus on a an everyday basis has proved very beneficial to all involved in the program. Wendy’s energy and passion for the squad is quite obvious and the squad has been very receptive.”

Veshosky immediately put the cheerleaders on a new track.  “I said, ‘Girls, we’re going to camp,'” Veshosky said.  The squad attended the Universal Cheerleader’s Association College Spirit Camp at the University of Scranton.  The four day program taught the eight-girl squad new stunts and material to bring back to SHU.

New information wasn’t the only thing the cheerleaders brought back with them.  They also returned with two first place trophies, one of which was for Most Improved.  “That was really the best trophy we could get.  Our girls were really excited about that,” Veshosky said.  “Getting Most Improved was really motivating for the girls.

“It’s really rewarding for me.  I sit there an watch and I see the progress they’ve made in just a couple months.”

Besides the camp experience, Veshosky has also implemented more practices and a new workout program.  However, it’s a member of the squad who is possibly the biggest first for the program.

Terrance Austin is the first male cheerleader for football season.  While there was a male cheerleader on the basketball squad, Austin is the first to cheer the Griffins on at Offutt Field.  “He’s added so much excitement to the team,” Veshosky said.

Austin might add excitement to the team, but that same team adds excitement to the Greensburg community.  Veshosky has made sure that her cheerleaders make an impact off the hill as well as on.  Not only did the squad perform at Concert in the Park, they also held a four day mini camp for the South Greensburg Bulldogs cheerleading program.  Those same cheerleaders will be teaming up with the Greensburg Salem Lions cheerleaders along with Veshosky’s squad to perform a group cheer at tomorrow’s football game at Offutt Field.

“To see that there’s a university in my hometown and taking that into the community and make an impression is great,” Veshosky said.

Being able to get SHU’s name and athletic offerings out into the community she has lived in her entire life is another upside to Veshosky.  “We’re making a difference,” Veshosky said.  “That’s what I want to do.”


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