College students play dress up: Pop icons rule Halloween

As October comes to an end, kids, teenagers and even some adults prepare their costumes for an extraordinary holiday: Halloween. This is a time for everyone to be someone they’re not—and compete for best costume around.

At Seton Hill University (SHU), “Halloween is definitely celebrated, and it allows the students to dress up and show their spirit,” said sophomore Mike Metosky. “It’s not like high school at all. High school students may do it for candy, students do it just to enjoy the night and as for the costumes. It allows us as students to show off our creativity and personalities.”

Say goodbye to the old sheet-over-your-head ghost and typical cowboy costumes, and to more elaborate ones. Lately, it is easy to go into a huge Halloween retail store and spend about $100 for one costume!

If you want an up-to-date costume, you can easily find one by watching and listening today’s popular television shows and music, and using your imagination. Instead of spending money on a costume let your creativity soar, and make your own. “I heard a lot of people are being pop-icons such as Snooki, Charlie Sheen and Lady Gaga,” said freshman Alexandria Alicea.

For simple and useful tips when shopping for costumes keep in mind of selection and cost. Several stores have the same costumes so watch your selection and look for the best deals. Sometimes shopping online gives you a variety of outfits and prices, so look for those.

Whether you’re a child in it for the fun or a college student wanting a chance to be a little promiscuous, it certainly is an adventure within itself. “I remember when I was younger, finding a costume in a local store hoping no one would have the same one as in me in our elementary school parties,” said freshman Lauren Jodzis. “Things have certainly changed throughout from that time, college is a little bit different,” said Jodzis.

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