Relive childhood in 3D with ‘The Lion King’

It was dark when we walked into the theater. We had been late to arrive, yet every seat was empty. The man in the booth saw us enter and rewound the film to the “Circle of Life.”

Our group of four journalists took seats in the middle of the third row and fumbled to put on the 3D glasses. Immediately, we took out our cell phones and started to tweet and Facebook the experience because, for $11.50 each, we had essentially rented out the theater for a flashback to the past.
Old-school Disney has joined the 3D craze on a whole new level with the new release of a well-known film, “The Lion King.”For those who haven’t seen it, “The Lion King” tells the story of a young lion’s journey to adulthood and his royal destiny as king of Pride Rock.With the birth of young Simba (Niketa Calame), his Uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons), who is King Mufasa’s (James Earl Jones) younger brother, becomes second in line for the throne.

Scar plots with the hyenas to kill Mufasa and Simba in order to become the new king. After hiding for years, adult Simba (Matthew Broderick) returns home to overthrow Scar and claim the kingdom.

This exciting and beautifully animated film is given another chance to wow a newer generation.
Adults and teenagers are transported back to their childhood years the second they watch the classic sunrise in the beginning the film. The 3D technology also allows viewers to experience the fun and amazing moments on screen in greater depth.

The quality of the film on the silver screen is a clean remaster of the film with a 2011 makeover.  For animation in 3D, the shots are clear and not over done or over dramatized. It adds depth to the movie, and assists the imagination.

The visually captivating film has not lost its spark or its appeal as it reappears on the big screen. The emotionally provoking storyline does not grow old. It still pulls on our hearts. In relation to the film itself and the quality of the animation, it is the same beautiful movie with the same wonderful and familiar songs.

While this movie is another regurgitation of a Disney film with better quality, it is worthwhile to see the same touching scenes from childhood again in theaters. The theater experience is what really makes this movie worth another viewing with a large screen, surround sound and enhanced visuals with 3D.

“The Lion King: Special Edition” is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD with remastered audio and visuals and added content including a newly added musical number of Zazu’s morning announcements. Viewers will be able to choose between the version with added content and the original theatrical version.

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