Abbey’s Quick Fashion Tips

Five stores, several winter accessories

Whether you want patterned or simply sophisticated scarves Target is your place. Now conveniently priced for college students, they are listing all of their scarves under $20.

Old Navy:
If you are looking for matching glove sets, scarves, and hats Old Navy is your place!
All of these accessories are listed for $20 apiece.

Forever 21:
Are you looking for a bold centerpiece to an outfit? Try Forever 21 for a vibrant scarf from $8-20.

If you are looking for warmth, Macy’s is your place! Whether it’s made of fleece, cashmere or just knit Macy’s has it all starting around $18.

American Eagle:
This store has it all hats, gloves and even scarves. Get prepared for the cold weather and buy a faux fur hat or other cold accessories starting at $15!

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