Pizza Pandemonium

The Setonian staff made the executive decision to put its brain power and wallet to the test through a night of pizza madness tentatively titled “Pizza Pandemonium.”  This night consisted of ordering pizzas from four local non-chain pizza delivery places, including Pizza Italiano, Jioio’s, Denunzio’s and Gianelli’s. The pizzas were taste tasted through a number of different categories, including crust, sauce, cheese, cleanliness, freshness and smell. The staff carefully selected the winning pizzas based off of a combination of all of these factors, in addition to the timeliness and customer service provided by each company.  A first place tie resulted between Jioio’s and Denunzio’s. Pizza Italiano finished second despite its freshness and reasonable pricing. When ordering next time, definitely try one of the winning pies for overall satisfaction, savings and service.

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