Library waives late fees

Reeves Library will waive fees and fines on overdue materials for the remainder of the fall semester.

Library amnesty was proposed by the library in the hopes that as many books as possible will be returned prior to spring.

Head of Reference and Public Services librarian Kelly Clever said the policy came about after the library made the decision to change online systems at the end of fall semester.

“We are switching to a new automated system.  The process will be easier with more things checked in,” she said.

Library aide Allison Abbey thought the library amnesty an excellent idea in terms of encouraging students to return their late books.

“I think that the new library amnesty policy is a wonderful idea.  It gives patrons the ability to bring back books which have incurred a large amount of late fees, and no one likes to pay late fees,” she said.

Abbey also brought up positives the amnesty brings on behalf of the library and its workers.

“When a student or faculty member does not return an overdue book, it cannot be checked out by other patrons, who could possibly need the book for research.

“This makes our library less effective as an informational tool for students, and with the growing number of inaccurate online sources, it is important for the library to have as many books as possible so that students can attain valid information.”

Patrons seem to agree with Abbey’s opinion of the current policy.  Sophomore Max Onufer said, “I feel that library amnesty is a great idea.  I know it’s only because of a new system, but I think the library should do this at the end of every semester.  It’s nice and gets students to turn in their overdue books. Everyone’s happy.”

When asked whether or not amnesty will take place in future semesters, Clever was not sure.  “I don’t know for certain, but I do know that we were prompted this time by transition.”

The event is for a limited time until Dec. 9, and there is no talk of bringing it back next semester.

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