Men’s basketball team, coach focus on rebuilding season

The Seton Hill University (SHU) men’s basketball team rewrote their record books with a victory of 118-84 over Ohio Valley on November 19.

With a young team of seven freshmen, one transfer and two seniors, there are many hurdles that head coach Tony Morocco will need to overcome this season.

“With eight new players the obstacle is for the team to get used to what we’re doing,” said Morocco.

Senior Chris Giles agreed that there are going to be difficulties this season, but said, “The underclassmen bring a lot of energy and intensity to the team no matter what is happening, they are always going strong and giving 100 percent.”

Morocco said that he needs the freshman to, “…find our system, learn our system and let things happen.”

The freshman are really turning things up with contributions made from Lenjo Kilo, David Windsor and Nate Bellhy in the past three games.

“A lot of the freshman are good players, but it will take some time,” said Morocco.

After the first game, Giles said that he feels like the team is starting to work together. “Everyone is stepping up and helping one another.”

Morocco said that the key to the team’s success this year will be playing together.

“I need to get a common language, and that language needs to be understood by everyone, once we execute that we will reach success,” said Morocco.

Goal-wise, this team is striving for only the best. Morocco said the goal for this season is “to win each game, one game at a time…The most important game in the world is the game you are playing that day.”

The team is in the process now of finding out what the true strengths and weaknesses are going to be this season.

“As the team gets going, they are going to be very good,” said Morocco.

The team opened their 2011-2012 season with a 62-54 loss to Indiana University of Pennsylvania on Nov.12.

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