Writing ceremony proves to be a success

The second annual Celebration of Writing named two first place winners. People’s Choice went to Nick Sell and Professor’s Choice went to Elizabeth Smith.

Professor Emily Wierszewski brought the concept to Seton Hill University (SHU) from her college days.

“Last spring was the first run and nobody really knew what to expect,” said Wierszewski. “This year has much more publicity and interest; it’s great.”

The presentations were made by the freshmen Thinking and Writing classes and observed by fellow Basic Composition classes, students, faculty and friends.

Students created their exhibits based on their final research paper. The topics had to relate to their own life or spark their own interests.

“It’s beneficial because we can see our progress over the semester and feel pretty good about it,” said freshman Jennifer Clark.

“The ideas are presented freely. It’s great seeing all the different presentations,” said freshman Kierhan Boyle.

The atmosphere was pretty raucous, as all of Cecilian Hall was crammed full with exhibits and viewers.

“It’s interesting but loud. I like it because it shows a little about everyone. You get to walk around and literally learn a new thing at each stand,” said freshman Fiona Smith.

While the students were required to view fellow classmate’s presentations, “they seemed only interested in their friends’ exhibits. Other than that, they don’t seem too interested,” said freshman Shannon Bork. “But the professors are encouraging. It balances out.”

Presentations ranged in topics from media to sports to disease. Different mediums were Macs, poster boards, projectors and games. The second place People’s Choice went to English professor, Christine Cusick’s Honors Thinking and Writing class. Their exhibit featured a demonstration through Deal Or No Deal.

“The kids worked so hard and are proud of their accomplishments,” said adjunct professor Andrea Acker. “They get to share their passion with other people, not just their teachers. It really compliments the students and their efforts.”

The Celebration of Writing will continue to be held in the foreseeable future for Thinking and Writing classes.

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