Staff speaks out on ‘Hunger Games’

Staff speaks out on “Hunger Games”


Sarah Last

“The Hunger Games” movie was incredibly good. It held many of the same emotions, character developments and beautifully crafted details as the book. There were some parts of the book that I thought could have been better explained, like why the Mockingjay was such a vital metaphor for Katniss or the reason Katniss buried Rue in the flowers. But it was really fun to watch one of my favorite books come to life.


Jessie Krehlik

I was satisfied with “The Hunger Games” overall. The casting for the film was flawless and the overall following of the original plot was close enough for me to approve. Although I still prefer the book, and I’m a little disappointed with the end, I thought it was a good rendition of the original. I think what made it above average, however, were the parts where they showed events occurring outside the Games, such as the rebellions in District 11.


Kylie Fischer

“The Hunger Games” was brilliant.  I can’t even describe how happy I was with the casting.  Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely brilliant while Woody Harrelson as Haymitch had me laughing like an idiot.  I loved the book-to-movie adaptation.  While there were notable changes, they’re things I hope are explained better in the beginning of “Catching Fire.”  Thumbs up to LionsGate!


Abbey Fleckenstein


“The Hunger Games” was simply amazing. Being one of those people who fall asleep before midnight almost every night, I was more than happy to spend my night watching what I would like to call one of my favorite movies. The cast is what made this movie great and was well done. I love how the movie represented the book. Even though the ending was a little off, to me it was a perfect action packed movie.

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