New track member has stellar first performance

Seton Hill University (SHU) sophomore Mallory Sanner competed in her first meet at Wheeling Jesuit and took first place with her performance in Women’s Javelin. She also beat the school’s record and qualified for provisionals in Nationals.

In taking first place, Sanner beat the first place WVIAC champ from Wesleyan from the previous year. “I knew she was going to be there for my first meet and I was determined to beat her,” said Sanner.

Though new to the SHU track team, Sanner certainly isn’t new to athletics. During high school, she was also heavily involved in track, including a specialty with the javelin. It had always been on her mind to join a track and field team in college. Along with being involved in SHU’s track team, she is also an active member of the women’s basketball team.

“I was an incoming freshman nervous about school work and playing one sport and I thought two sports would be a lot to handle,” said Sanner. Though she knew she wanted to pursue basketball, she decided to put her track aspirations on hold.

It wasn’t until she researched the details and statistics of women’s javelin that she was determined she could easily handle both. Also knowing that her records in high school were pretty high, she knew she could hold her own.

Sanner also found a lot of encouragement from her friends, including former roommate Kelly Vann, who said: “She opened her season hitting a national provisional mark and ended it winning a conference championship, it’s obvious she has huge potential. Nationals will give her a chance to compete with the best athletes in the country and push her to compete better than she has all season. She’s a competitor, I know she’ll do great things.”

“My other teammates are all very welcoming and make me feel like I have been a member since last year,” said Sanner.

Comparing her track performance to basketball, Sanner notes their difference “because it is an individual sport.” She also finds herself anxious to practice her throwing at SHU two times a week, compared to the over strenuous high school schedule.

Her recent performance at Duke also landed her with her all-time best throw—44.19 meters. In feet that would be 144.7, which provisionally qualified her as 7th in the nation. Sanner was excited to go to Duke not only to compete, but also to visit the campus of one of her favorite basketball teams.

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