Speak Out: Students reminisce about recent trip to China

Question: What will you remember about the trip a year from now?

“I have seen some of the great wonders of the world, but what I will never forget are the amazing people I spent my time with. The people I met and my fellow Griffins really made the difference.” – Maria Gallina

“What I will remember most about our excursion to Beijing will be the awesome individuals we befriended and the amazing sites that we were fortunate enough to visit. I will also remember the food we tried such as scorpion, esophagus and octopus.” –Kellen Homer

“I will remember a number of things: how well they have preserved the Great Wall, the Palaces and Parks, and how oppressed the people are and how much they all want change.” –James Tenburg

“What I’ll remember most about China will probably be the communication. Even though we didn’t speak their language and often times they didn’t speak ours, it didn’t stop us from making friends. We’d make hand gestures or just say random Chinese words but somehow we’d understand each other. Especially the lady at the supermarket. The only Chinese word I ever said was fifteen, but she’d always smile when she saw us.” – Krysta Berg

“A year from now what I will remember the most about China is our visit to the Great Wall and my experience of climbing it to the highest point. It was truly an awe inspiring moment to realize that it took thousands of workers to build the Wall so many centuries ago. I will also remember the Chinese students and people who we met as they were all extremely dedicated to their studies and their work.” – Frank DeChellis

“From my time in China I will remember the people and the food.” –Kristin Duklewski

“I will always remember the wonderful feeling of belonging and adventure. I think I’ll find myself halfway across the world sooner than I expect. We had an incredible group who made each day memorable. The International Music Festival in Beijing was a fascinating cultural experience that I will remember.” – Giannina Gonzalez
“China was an amazing experience! The group had to immerse itself in a new culture and adapt to it. One thing I would never forget is the language barrier when we try to communicate with taxi drivers.” – Lehelt Soloman

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