Fall fashion styles and colors brighten outfits for “pop”

Preparing for a new season is easy–if you have the right look.

When searching for new items to include in your closet, you might want to start by updating your wardrobe for this upcoming fall season.  As trends change and adapt to the temperatures for fall, so do the clothes.  The runways are producing a fresh assortment of colors.  With this added pizazz, the outfits look classy.

Runways are covered with more masculine clothing, including long plaid pea coats, hats and shorter scarves. Pants in a number of colors are appearing at all major department stores. Whether it is gray, maroon, hunter green or brown, you can easily pair these with a plain tee or collared shirt.

Dressy clothes will also become edgier this fall. They could include well-fitted articles of clothing but should not be too tight. Say goodbye to black because this season’s designers are putting models into soft pinks and blush color dresses.

When wearing fall colors, try accessorizing to make the color pop! Whether it is a new necklace or a pair of high leather boots, you can easily take something from drab to fab! Really, outfits for this autumn need it.

Black, white, taupe and more than fifty shades of gray can be seen on anyone this fall season.  Just remember this: if you are taking out the neutral, add some color to brighten your style.

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