Rumors swirl over the long anticipated iPhone 5

Every year Apple seems to steal technologies’ global stage, with rumors of the latest i-device. With promising leaks and an ever-curious media, Apple has once again grabbed the tech-world’s attention with the hopes of a new iPhone. What is the global stage you ask? For the Apple rumor wheel, we find our stage to be the World Wide Web.

The latest rumors seem to be putting the most stock in Apple’s September 12th press conference. Yes, it is all speculation, but tech-experts believe that iPhone 5 will be here by September 28th.

To further feed expert’s interest, Verizon has forbidden all employees from taking any vacation time from Sept. 21-30.  With the past as the best gauge, we can expect that Verizon is gearing up for a record beating number of pre-orders.

With rumored features ranging from, 4G LTE, a 12 megapixel camera, finger print recognition, a 4inch retina display and Google Wallet, which will allow users to securely make payments over the phone, iPhone 5 is sure to satisfy the market’s growing demands.

Though many of these claims seem to be the next logical step, Apple has been particularly quiet concerning their latest phone. The only basis for this anticipation is the findings of key changes in Apple’s dealings with many of their suppliers.

Early this year tech websites exploded with the news of a thinner all steel frame, and dealings with Samsung. It was reported that Samsung signed on to produce a “larger screen.”

Also, iPhone 5 is expected to have a smaller, completely redesigned, USB connector. Siri users will be excited to find a host of upgrades and an even smarter interface integration. The most impressive upgrade will most likely be found in the new iOS 6 operating system, and the redesigned quadcore A6 processors (this phone is going to be blazing fast).

Last year iPhone 4s seemed to flop from the expected level of excitement because of the anticipation of completely new iPhone. From a strategic stand point, Apple was wise to release the 4s in place of an iPhone 5, it kept our interest.  Maybe Apple was letting the market catch up?

Though the public has been demanding a new iPhone since the 4 came out in June 2010, experts believe iPhone 5 will dominate this years’ holiday season.  Some websites are claiming that 2 of 5 Android users will make the switch to the iPhone. However, Androids are -as of now- outselling the iPhone 4s, 2 to 1.

Hopefully we will see a new iPhone soon. Apple has a lot on the line. With the ever-urgent media and iPhone hungry consumers, Apple needs to deliver the next big thing. Times have changed and with Samsung and LG producing some of the best devices in years, this competition seems to just be heating up.

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