Funky Fashion Mash-Ups

If you’re looking for some quirky or different styles that may not be high fashion but are fashionable in their own right, try these tips.  They are along the lines of geek chic as opposed to designer-inspired.  You never know what mixing up your wardrobe and trying a different style might do to improve your fall fashion!

* Elbow Patches
While stereotyped as being a trend only old men follow, elbow patches have become contradictingly popular in young adult fashion.  Grab a cute cardigan or blazer with elbow patches in plaid, floral or stripe print.  Whether on a suede or cotton cover-up, patches are a sure way to jazz up an outfit and separate you from the rest of the fashion followers.

* Berets
Berets are another cute way to stand out in the crowd.  For fall weather, light, crocheted berets are the best option.  They come in virtually every color and are reasonably priced, depending on the place of purchase.  Buy one in every shade and pair away!

* Tights with Shorts
A popular European style that has yet to boom in America is the shorts with tights combo.  Why only wear shorts in the summer when you can get year-round use out of them?  Denim shorts work best, as you can literally select any color tights to pair with them.  The best part?  Tights come in virtually every color, pattern and print.  Go for the plaid, neon, checkers and other stand-out pairs.  Just be sure to pair them with a plain shirt that appropriately matches.

* Blazers over Tees
The blazers-over-tees combination is not just for men.  Women also look good rocking a fitted blazer over any type of tee, particularly a vintage or retro one.  This also works in conjunction with the more masculine style that has been popularized this fall season.

* Cardigans for Everything
On mild fall days, you typically do not want to lug a heavy coat around.  A cardigan is the perfect solution to this dilemma.  Whether wearing a skirt, jeans, shorts with tights or any other type of bottom, a cardigan goes over each nicely.  Cardigans also come as button-up, open-front, zip-up, long, short and a plethora of other styles.  Select one you like and use it as a light jacket – they’re much cuter and less bulky.

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