International student shares experiences with SHU soccer

Name: Paula Florez
From: Columbia
Major: Chemistry

Q: What is it like playing soccer for Seton Hill? How has your experience been so far?
A: Playing soccer at Seton Hill is very different from home. The Girls are
huge and very very very strong! But hopefully one day I will be use to
having four or five bruises on my legs… Anyway the girls are awesome and I admit very very good players! The team is very good we are not just a group of girls that play soccer actually we are friends.

Q: What are the differences between soccer in North America and in Columbia?

A:The main difference between Colombian soccer and North American soccer
is the speed. In Colombia we like to play with the ball on the feet
and make the game a good show. Meanwhile, here at the United States it is
very different. The game is fast and intense. I am very sure that
the main difference between Colombian soccer players and North
American soccer players is the technique and the physical
characteristics. The phenotype of a common girls in Colombia is small
while North Americans girls tend to be enormous! Because of this in
Colombia we focus our practice in the technique and how to be good with the

Q: What has been the hardest to adjust to?

A: I’m not going to lie. Playing here at Seton Hill is very difficult
because I’m not use to play as fast and physical as they do here.
Also it is very hard to communicate because my first language is
Spanish not English so when I’m in the middle of the game without
oxygen in my brain it is difficult for me to think and talk in English! It is very hard.

Q: What do you think about your team?

A: What I think of my team is actually very good. I believe we have very
very good players to work and get better everyday. As any teams we
have some ” team problems,” but we know how to get over the problems.
I think we, as a team, have a goal for the season and we fight together
for our goal.

Q: What are your hopes for Seton Hill in the next four years?

A: What I expect from the university is that it can prepare me to affront

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