SHU students find information from a variety of sources

Students at Seton Hill University seem to have an idea where to go to find what they want. Whether it’s for a class, a club or for their own personal enlightenment, each student has their own way of doing things.

While we anxiously wait for Election Day to roll around, the next best thing to do is to keep up with the candidates and their arguments. With the internet giving us easy access to troves of information, how can we find exactly what we want?

“I like to use Facebook because you can get a lot of opinions on the candidates and you can hear what everyone thinks,” said freshman Molly Zindash about her choice for political coverage.

“It’s easier to find out about what’s going on when you look on Facebook,” said senior Nicole Sieg. “As long as you have friends who post a lot before the election, you’re set.”

“I would have to say that the worst thing about using Facebook for the election is when people get into really petty arguments over it,” said Zindash. “It makes the people arguing look like whining children instead of grown adults.”

Sieg generally had the same complaints with Facebook. “People are really biased whether they do it on purpose or not so you have to be careful when you read about politics on Facebook. Like every source you look into, it’s not perfect,” said Sieg.

Similar to social media, sources such as CNN also have their problems.

“CNN is more liberal and for Obama while FOX is conservative and more in support of Romney. Unless you have time to check everything, it’s really difficult to find a source that is one hundred percent unbiased,” said Sieg.

Even with sources like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, many students will often check an actual news source such as Yahoo News, CNN or FOX.

“I go straight to the source when I look for information about the election. The official website lets me see what each candidate is doing and it gives me very up to date information that I need to know. It’s one of the more helpful sources to use,” said sophomore Maddy Derby.

“I’m liberal and I’m for Obama,” said Derby, “so I’ll go down into town to the Obama Headquarters. It lets me keep up with the actual issues that Obama and Romney are debating over and I can see firsthand what other people think about the election this year.”

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