Congress could decide the new administration


For the first time in two centuries, the United States of America could witness a tie in the Electoral College where both candidates receive 269 Electoral Votes with neither reaching a majority.

ABC has identified 5 possible scenarios that could result in a tie between the two candidates based on the current standings of the swing states. 3 of these scenarios are considered viable based on current polling in the remaining undecided states.

“I believe the electoral system we have has been designed with many flaws,” said freshman business major and Obama supporter, Brandon Cherozzi, “with the possibility of a tie, we see just how flawed it is.”

If the candidates were to reach a tie in the Electoral College, the United States Congress would share the responsibility of picking the new administration according to the U.S. Constitution.

The House of Representatives would cast votes for the President. Each state is given one vote, which means 26 votes would be needed to win the presidency in the House.

There is currently a Republican Majority in the House of Representative. The Republican Party currently holds 242 seats and the Democratic Party holds 193 seats.

The Senate would hold the responsibility of choosing the Vice President. Each senator casts one vote requiring a 51-vote majority. Currently, 51 Democrats holds seats in the Senate and Republicans hold 47 seats. Other party politicians hold 2 seats.

“The case of an electoral tie it is possible to have a Romney-Biden presidency or even an Obama-Ryan presidency,” said professor of mathematics, Joshua Sasmor. “If we get to an Electoral tie we’re going to get something that makes the 2000 look like a child’s scuffle on the playground.”

“As much as I don’t think it would be fair, seeing as it would likely be Romney due to the Republican House Majority, I would be glad. I’m a huge Romney fan,” said freshman physician’s assistant major, Mallory Ledergerber.

If Obama carries Ohio, New Hampshire and Wisconsin and Romney carries Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa, both candidates would have 269 Electoral votes.

The other two most viable possibilities are as follows, all of which result in a 269 tie: Obama carries Colorado and Nevada, along with New Hampshire and Virginia. Romney wins Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa and Wisconsin. Or Obama carries Virginia, Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire. Romney wins Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Nevada.

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