Obama possesses some traits of an ideal president, lacks others

With the reelection of President Obama, students at Seton Hill University (SHU) compare Obama to their own ideal image of a president.

Most students were concerned with the president’s values, economic plans, and support of education when contemplating what they want most in a president. Some students find traits they want in a president in President Obama, while he lacks other desired traits.

“In the social aspects he is what I would want ideally except he doesn’t have the power to change a lot of things that people think that he can like gay marriage,” said Dylan Gourley, sophomore music education major. “And fiscally, I disagree with almost all of his policies.”

Gourley had expressed that she wished for a president with “conservative fiscal values and liberal social values”.

Jenna Bodnar, sophomore creative writing and spanish major wanted a president that would “improve the economy and create jobs” as well as help students pay their way through college.

“Well judging by the past four years, I don’t think Obama has done a lot to improve the economy, create jobs or monetarily benefit college students, so I don’t personally see any reason to think that he will improve any of those situations in the next four years,” said Bodnar.

“He mentioned in the democratic convention that he would like to institute a program that will give college students more time to pay off their loans, which is great, but I would personally prefer to not have to take out as many loans or to have a better job that pays well enough that I don’t need a long time to pay them off,” said Bodnar.

Becky Schirf, freshman chemistry/forensic science major, wants a president “who is for liberal arts, supporting education, and lowering costs for college students.”

“Obama has supported education by increasing the number of federal grants and loans to students,” said Schirf. “His support of the Pell grant as an example has made education available to far more students.”

“He has also decreased the interest of federal loans to allow for a more affordable education. His support of the liberal arts is seen through his federal support of liberal art schools and liberal art educations in high school for millions to be exposed to,” said Schirf.

The most important quality in a president for freshman elementary/special education major Michele Morgan is for the president to care for the people “and not their own personal agenda.”

“Personally, I think that anyone who goes through all of the trouble to run for president has to have the country’s best interest in mind,” said Morgan. “When a president take office however, what he/she actually end up doing may be a different story.”

“Once one person realizes the power that he/she has, what is best for their party and what kinds of favors he/she can do for others may end up taking precedence,” said Morgan. “Besides this, everyone has his/her own idea of what is best for our country, and you can never please everyone.”

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