Voters react to outcome of election

The election has come and gone. At Seton Hill University (SHU),  students and others are experiencing mixed feelings over the outcome.

“I am happy about the outcome. I thought the whole process was pretty interesting,” said SHU sophomore Desiree DeClaudio.

“ If I had to choose between Romney and Obama I would pick Obama. I feel human rights are more important than money. Still, I’m not 100% thrilled about the outcome,” said SHU junior Maggie Ozzello.

“I am happy with the election results. It was a tight race and the people have spoken. That’s democracy, and no hard feelings,” said senior Andy Meholick.

SHU junior Carolyn Bringe has a different opinion.

“Personally, I am not satisfied with the outcome. I was a die-hard Mitt Romney fan and was heartbroken when he did not achieve the 270 electoral votes. However, as an American, I find it important to support the president in office once he is elected and will continue to do so with President Obama like I did the past four years.”

SHU junior Katie Hayes was disappointed with the election.

“As a Romney supporter, it was devastating to see the closeness of the popular vote and the initial lead with the electoral votes. I was really hoping for a positive change with a strong leader like Mitt Romney.”

Although, there is one thing to look forward to now that the election is over. The campaign is now over as well which puts an end to the incessant calls and commercials.

“I spent about two and a half hours watching coverage on my MacBook last night so I think I may have had enough of campaign and election talk for a while!” said DeClaudio.

“I am relieved to not have to listen and read about anymore mudslinging!” said Ozzello.

“I am as relieved as everyone that the mayhem is over and we can enjoy four quiet years before two new scapegoats emerge!” said Meholick.

Hayes is another that is happy the campaign has ended.

“I’m glad to know that political ads and phone calls will significantly decline.”

Bringe, however, will miss the campaign. “I am sad the campaign is over. I am really going to miss Mitt Romney.”

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