May I have a dog for Christmas

I had always wanted a dog. I constantly begged my parents for a dog. Instead I was
given four hermit crabs and a Japanese fighting fish named Mike Wazowski. I still
kept begging my parents but each time they told me no and that was the end of the
discussion. I wasn’t giving up. In December 2003, I finally got my wish. It was a Saturday and my aunt had taken my brother, cousin and me to the movies. My aunt and cousin were acting weird as we headed back to my house and I couldn’t figure out why. We walked in the front door, and suddenly a black mass ran toward us. It was a black lab puppy. It was my puppy. I had finally gotten the dog I had always wanted. As Christmas fast approaches one can feel the excitement in the air. The excitement over what one will find in their stockings or under the tree Christmas morning. One never really knows what to expect. After all, Christmas is full of surprises.

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