Search begins for new football coach

A panel of Seton Hill University (SHU) employees has been assembled and the search for SHU’s new head football coach is under way.

Following the final football game of the season on Nov. 10, the decision was made to release head coach Joel Dolinski and his coaching staff.

The decision had been a long time in the making. While they remain grateful to Dolinski for his work with SHU since implementing the football program in 2005, it was felt that aspects of the program were deficient.

“It’s easy to assume that it’s because of the record this season, but our athletics aren’t about winning and losing,” said Athletic Director, Christopher Snyder. “They’re about academics and developing outstanding student athletes.”

Making academics a priority is one of the qualities they’re looking for in a new coach. Potential coaches also need to be experienced in recruiting, be able to retain quality and be ready to begin a strong season in the new Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) division. Snyder hopes to have a new coach in place by the first of January.

“We joke about this, but there is some truth behind it. If we could have a clone of Tony Dungy, that’s who we’d want as an ideal head coach,” said professor of sports management and panel member, Robert Zullo.

“It’s going to be a good start with new ideas and philosophies,” said junior criminal justice major and football player Aaron Prescott. “It may be rough at first, but every bad ending will have a rough beginning, but it’ll have a great result.”

Since the job opening was posted on Nov. 12, there have been over 100 applicants. Because of SHU’s recent switch to (PSAC), Snyder is anxious to begin a new season with a fresh start and new direction.

“Seton Hill is a diamond in the rough, honestly. There’s a lot of potential here, and it’s good to know we’re a desirable school,” said Snyder.

Zullo and Snyder are adamant about getting opinions from the SHU community. They ask that students, faculty and staff email them with thoughts on what they would like to see in a new coach and program.

Defensive assistant Marcus Patton will remain to aid the transition until a new coach is selected, at which time he can interview to stay.

SHU made the decision to switch to the PSAC after an invitation to join the conference. This switch, new program potential and advantage of both grass and turf fields make SHU a desirable choice for impending recruits.


Why Seton HIll University is a very attractive position for the future of our football program

1. Southwest Pennsylvania is a recruiting hotbed full of tradition and talent.

2. Free iPad and Macbook for each student plus the chance for coaches to utilize iPads in their recruiting – SHU is a national leader in mobile technology.

3. Seton Hill has small classes with exciting new majors including sports management and the forthcoming exercise science program.

4. The family atmosphere at Seton Hill affords students, faculty and staff personal attention instead of merely being a number.

5. SHU Football will have access to both grass and turf football fields to better prepare.

6. The new Dick’s Sporting Goods field and the forthcoming lights.

7. The Westmoreland Radio Network allows recruits and current players’ families to watch games online.

8. 92% of Seton Hill students move UP to careers or graduate school.

9. Students are afforded academic support in terms of the CAPS program, writing center, and tutoring center.

10. Great community service opportunities in Greensburg, site of the home stadium in the heart of the city.

11. Seton Hill is 35 miles from Pittsburgh.

12. The dietetics and nutrition program is a rising player in preparation of healthy bodies. The LECOM and PA programs offer additional programs that emphasize the importance of health and wellness.

13. Quality food options with our dining hall, the Cove, Griffin Advantage and the future Starbucks. The dining service also excels in personable theme nights such as Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas on the Hill, Sweetheart Dinner, Midnight Breakfast, et al.

14. Our school is growing as demonstrated by an upcoming health sciences facility, visual arts center and other campus projects.

15. The move to the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) means the football program will compete in the premier Division II conference in America. No conference placed more teams in the playoffs than the PSAC.

All of these offer the head coach a chance to be part of a school that continues to aspire to be a national leader in liberal arts in higher education.

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