New certificate options available for students

Seton Hill University (SHU) has recently added a selection of courses to the MFA program devoted to Writing Popular Fiction. This new certificate in genre writing has been added as an option for undergraduates.

This certificate will allow students to take courses in their favorite genres and practice writing for a widespread audience.

The program will cover three areas of the literary marketplace for genre writers: reading popular fiction, writing genre fiction, and studying mass media storytelling.

Students explore the history, theory and literary marketplace for stories and novels in popular genres and will practice several of those genres.

“Basically there are certain classes you have to take, just like any other undergraduate major or minor and the certificate is open to any undergraduate,” said Stephanie Wilson, one of the first two students to receive the Genre Writing Certificate, along with Jayp Massiet.

Students must complete a total of 18 credits in various courses along with their degree requirements.

For students majoring in English, courses will not count for both the English program and the certificate.

“Dr. Nicole Peeler and Dr. Michael Arnzen wrote up the original proposal for the certificate itself,” said Dr. Albert Wendland, a professor of English and the program director for the Writing Popular Fiction master’s program.

“I would highly recommend (the certificate). The experience was above and beyond anything I’ve ever had thus far. The lectures were amazing and the Master’s students really took us under their wing and adopted us into their fold,” said Wilson.

The certificate is designed to prepare students for a career in writing genre fiction and any field related to the popular market such as editing, publishing or screenwriting.

Students enrolled in a bachelors degree program at SHU are eligible to qualify. Although English/creative writing is recommended, it is not mandatory for all students.

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