Bright tops and polka dots: Spring fashion reveals trendy new styles

Merely stepping into a shopping mall unveils some bright and funky new fashions for this coming spring .  Stores like Charlotte Russe, American Eagle Outfitters and Rue 21 are stocking up on fits for all sizes and shapes in bold colors.  Electric blue, highlighter yellow, neon orange and hot pink have become staples in store windows across the country.  From skinny jeans to slim belts to wild, patterned dresses, shoppers lust for the confident color pop these styles provide.

Pistachio has also made a huge comeback, in addition to coral.  Though not necessarily flattering when paired together, both colors can be mixed and matched with deeper colors like black, navy blue and brown, to make a classy combination of varying shades.

Elegant light blue also appears on the likes of popular actresses including Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Chastain.  This gentle sky hue beckons memories of past spring trends, before the bright and the bold became attractive.
Denim is also making its debut for this season.  Cropped jackets and button down, collared shirts receive immense exposure for spring.  These denim pieces are no throwback to your nineties grunge denim, however.  Instead, the jackets and collared shirts have progressed into cute pieces with flair, including polka dots and lace.
Speaking of lace, this see through, floral patterned material blasted back into the fashion scene for spring.  Long sleeve tees, peplum cut tops and the aforementioned denim shirts are all receiving chic upgrades with the addition of a little bit of lace.  Adding a little lace to any outfit will definitely jazz it up.
Pair any of these styles with see through accessories to complete your outfit.  Heels with opaque straps, translucent bags and clear clutches can be seen from high designers including Chanel, Gucci and Stella McCartney.  To save and budget well, look for similar styles at more affordable shops like Forever 21.  As we all know, an accessory can make or break an outfit, so be sure to choose wisely.

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