Seton Hill community honors late coach

Seton Hill University (SHU) students, faculty and community members filled Saint Joseph chapel tonight for a tearful memorial mass in remembrance of Kristina Quigley, the SHU women’s lacrosse head coach, her unborn son and Anthony Guaetta, the bus driver.

“In all His humanity, Jesus would cry out in the face of death as we do this weekend,” said Fr. O’Shea. “May our God of hope bless us all and comfort us all this day.

Many of the women’s lacrosse players who were back on campus after the accident participated in the service by carrying the communion elements and roses and holding hands. Representatives from other sports teams ranging from men’s lacrosse to the equestrian team also attended. Mercyhurst University’s women’s lacrosse team also appeared in solidarity.

Special prayers were offered for Amanda Michalski, Abby Shaughness and Nadine Wallace, students who remain in hospital care.

The homily was given by Father Jerry O’Shea and was assisted by several area priests. Bishop Lawrence Brandt offered “heartfelt sympathy to the entire Seton Hill community” to end the service.

Though SHU President JoAnne Boyle was not in attendance, Michelle Ridge, chair of the SHU Board of Trustees, spoke to express Boyle’s sorrow and offer prayers.

A portion of SHU’s university choir joined the campus ministry musicians to provide the mass’s music as well as a special performance of the song “In Remembrance” by Eleanor Daley that members organized themselves.

The counselling center in the administration building was open during the service and immediately after for students in need.

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  1. hi father jerry.. im ron oshea Richards son.tom is my uncle. was just talking about family with my dad..and looked you up just saying hello. 412 793 2364

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