SHU helps in protesting for equal pay

A collaboration between the Seton Hill University (SHU) Feminist Collective and Westmoreland Women’s and Girls Foundation is scheduled to rally for women’s rights Tuesday, April 9 at the Westmoreland County Courthouse.

 The rally will emphasize the fact that “the disparity in pay between men and women continues to be a sobering statistic that speaks to gender discrimination,” according to Maureen Vissat, assistant professor of art.

 “Women in Westmoreland County get paid 75 cents to every dollar a man would make, which is two cents below the national average of 77 cents,” according to junior Lani Snyder.

According to religious studies professor, David VonSchlichten, “Sometimes people wonder why a man would care about women getting equal pay. Why wouldn’t I care? Why wouldn’t I care about my fellow human beings and about ending injustice?”

Interested students should meet in the Maura Solarium April 9 at 11:30 a.m., and students will then march towards the courthouse to rally. The event is suspected to last until around 1 p.m.

According to Snyder, on the march to the courthouse participants will carry a banner while other individuals will be wielding their own signs.

“I think a lot of times feminism gets a bad reputation, because a lot of people think about the ‘radical feminism,’ where women express a hatred towards men,” said Snyder. “But really, feminism is all about fighting for equality and working to restore a balance of power in society.”

Leading up to the rally, the Feminist Collective will have events around campus. The banner will be available in Lowe Dining Hall for students to sign, and a faculty-facilitated discussion will be on April 8, with refreshments provided.  Look for pamphlets around campus for more details.

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