Make A Wish Club sponsors Hunger on the Hill

For the first time at Seton Hill University (SHU), the Make A Wish Club is sponsoring a game called Hunger on the Hill to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

 “The game entails a team of two partnering up to eliminate the other teams by squirting them with squirt guns. The winning team gains 40 percent of the profits made from the game,” said Alex Fanfassian who organized the game.

 Any student was allowed to enter the game after paying a fee to participate. Campus buildings were declared off limits following issues with Campus Police.

 “We’re all hoping it will turn into an annual event during the week of wishes. We want to try to give Seton Hill an interesting game while helping a child in need,” said Lauren Swisher, a member of the Make-A-Wish Club.

 “The other students have made this a success by giving me their time and patience through all of this and spreading the word the best they can,” said Fanfassian.

 There are 35 teams signed up for Hunger on the Hill with 70 students participating.

 “I originally came up with the idea of holding an ‘assassin’ type of game. It’s a popular game in other schools including high schools and colleges, so we decided to give it a shot here,” said Swisher.

 “The most important thing is that all of the money raised, besides the 40 percent the winning team gets, goes to the Quigley Fund and the kid that we are sponsoring from Make-A-Wish,” Alex Fanfassian.

 “Makenzie Bilodeau was put in charge of the whole ‘who had who’ part and Jake Corrick helped with the PR part of the game. Along with Alex Fanfassian we all worked extremely hard to put this whole thing together with what time we had,” said Swisher.

 “Witnessing the campus-wide paranoia is hilarious as well. People are always sneaking around and stuff, trying to not get caught. It’s an extremely exciting game and I’m glad I’m involved,” said sophomore Sam Moffa.

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