Hot summer fashion dazzle on hot summer days

 This summer, the fashions are hotter and better than ever.  With the scorching sun shining down during the day, it’s just as important to dress for the weather as it is to express yourself.  Keeping that in mind, some light and fashionable trends have made their way into the summer fashion scene that look fabulous.

Bright colors are back, particularly a mixture of rainbow sherbet hues like tangerine, mint and buttercup.  While cute on any day to match the bright outdoor shades of summer, the light colors also deflect heat away from the body.  Heavy colors like black and navy blue should be avoided at all costs to protect the body and minimize heat.

Another great trend is the cropped top.  These free flowing shirts fall at the top of the stomach and come in a variety of shades.  Again, be sure to wear light colors, which can include coral, sky blue, lilac and classic white.  If self-conscious about showing off the stomach, a lightweight tank top underneath solves the problem and jazzes up this summer look.  The crop top also reduces heat gathered by the body and does not cling to the body because of its flowing cut.

Scarves are huge lately and come in variety of hues and patterns.  This trendy accessory can be donned in nearly any shade, though scarves should be lightweight.  Grab floral or hombre prints to keep in style.  Scarves, when worn correctly, can protect both the neck and the head from the sun’s harmful rays and add a certain zeal to any otherwise ordinary outfit.

Sunglasses are another important accessory when considering how to dress during the summertime.  Glasses should be kept in a purse, pocket or dangling from a blouse at all times.  They come in a variety of funky colors and patterns that could also match a coordinating scarf.  Be sure to buy fashionable glasses with the best UV protection available; you’ll be protecting your eyesight from the sun’s rays while also adding glamour to your outfit.

The key place to be fashion conscious is the beach.  Invest in a bathing suit that is fashionable but also supports swimming, boogie boarding and crashing through the ocean’s waves.  This means a cute, flashy and colorful pattern can adorn the suit, but side ties and slim, strapless pieces are best avoided, as they can easily come off in the water.

Cover-ups and scarves are also wise choices.  Long days at the beach result in lots of sun burn and build risk of skin cancer.   Maxi skirts with bikini tops or crop tops provide additional protection for the legs while also being comfortable and trendy. The bottom line of this summer’s fashion statement is to achieve the perfect balance of style, comfort and safety.  So the next time you find yourself in the sun, remember to bring your shades and scarf!


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