Fall in love with Autumn fashion

Even though the sunshine and swimsuits of the summer season have come to an end, there are still many reasons to be excited to start this new school year. Back-to-school only means one thing, another year to express yourself- through clothing that is!

Students everywhere change from the relaxation of summer to going miles high in textbooks. This is where shorts and tank tops slowly dissipate, and the jeans and your favorite sweaters slowly reappear.

Start embracing the new fashion for the season! Fall 2013 runways show colors to fill your closet with and some patterns use sparingly. Either way, start the season right with deeper browns, dark purples and red hues.

Accent your outfits with different colored leopard this season- yes I said leopard- where an opportunity of personality can be revealed.

Runways also show the importance of accessorizing. Believe it or not, hats are in this season! Leave those sun hats at home but don’t be afraid of the beanie for a nice casual look.

If you are one of the students with a job taking up the majority of your summer and did not have the opportunity to buy the latest styles, don’t worry!

There is no reason to start fretting about what the top buys are this season and how to get them in your closet. Instead, start putting outfits together with pieces you already own. Not only will this put a few extra dollars into your pocket, but you can use that extra cash on the things you need (like the biology book for class on Friday).

Everyone owns those few summer sun dresses that made dressing up easy. For fall, just add your favorite cardigan and bold necklace for a simple, yet stylish look. Do you have a rainbow of jeans in your closet? Add those to your outfit with a pair of brown or black leather boots completing your fall look.

Embrace these few tips for your closet this season! There is nothing like saving a few pennies while being in college and still adding options to your closet.

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