Campus Ministry hosts ‘Week with Christ’

 Week with Christ is a traditional week filled with events for students to get involved and to center their attention towards Christ. Events begin on Sunday, Sept. 15 and end on Thursday, Sept. 20. It is a way to spiritually fill the days that lead up to homecoming at Seton Hill University (SHU) according to Sister Maureen O’Brien.

 “This week is a chance to develop a sense of community for Seton Hill University students and provides students the chance to get to know one another,” said O’Brien. “This year is different from the last, because this year’s event is ran by the students. The students are more directly involved from being a part of the Core Leadership Group to having a band of students perform music.”

“A Week with Christ is an event like none other on campus. This week, as in the past two years, will be Christ-centered. My desire is that the students will hone their focus to Jesus Christ to develop a more intimate relationship with him.” said senior Corey Rogers.

Each day will have separate events taking place on Sullivan Lawn under the tent from 8:30 to 10:00.

“I’m excited for the students to see their classmates getting involved and taking ownership of this event based around Christ,” said O’Brien. Campus Ministry will be in the Maura Solarium throughout the week to pass out handouts.

A special welcome mass was held on Sunday evening in the chapel. Students also gathered on Monday night for “Coffee with Christ” as they read and discussed scripture.

“We want as many students and faculty involved in our activities throughout the year so this is our way of saying “Here we are and this is what we hope to do this year with everybody who would like to join us!” said sophomore Alycia Derito.


Sept. 17:  Performed contemporary worship with music, scripture, and prayer.

Sept. 18: “Bible Study by the bonfire” led by Rev. David VonSchlichten and s’mores.

Sept. 19: “Witness to Christ”. Three speakers will share their witness to Christ and a church fair. There will be prize giveaways.


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