Land of green meets the city

A full week has already passed in my semester abroad and it is going unbelievably fast! Even being here for a short amount of time I have found countless differences between the culture, the food and definitely the weather from Greensburg, PA.

I can promise that the one thing people think of when hearing “Ireland” is the land of green; however, Dublin is far from that stereotype.

Dublin reminds me so much of New York City and I couldn’t have picked a better place to travel. The city itself inhabits around 1.2 million people being a melting pot of ethnicities- only a little over half of the population in the city is Irish natives!

Dublin is a city for arts, entertainment, shopping, restaurants and certainly media. Luckily enough for me I am situated only a five minute walk from Henry street- a very common shopping street in the heart of the city.

So far I have learned so much history of Dublin and how the city has changed over the years. In the city’s center stands the Spire, the 398 foot tall monument made of stainless steel. The Spire replaces Nelson’s Pillar and was intended to mark Dublin’s place in the millennium.The skyline is quite different from the city of Pittsburgh even with shorter business buildings and less apartments scattering the city.

Dublin has a collision of modern architecture with old-fashion cobblestone roads. The combination makes this city even more beautiful than you can imagine.

Even though the city has multiple modes of transportation including the Dublin buses and the Luas, a two line rail system, you can access the majority of the city walking just about everywhere.

Dublin is known for the Guinness factory but it truly it has so much more to offer than just that. I am eager to keep exploring these next fourteen weeks. Interested in learning more about Dublin? Stay tuned to my Foreign Correspondence pieces in the future!

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