College success workshop to be held for freshmen

Seton Hill University (SHU) has created a series of workshops designed to promote healthy habits and successful lifestyles. SHU launched these programs to alleviate the transition experience for many freshmen and first-year students.

To ensure all the new SHU students take advantage of the program, attending two of the workshops is a requirement for Connections, a class designated for first-year and freshman students. With limited opportunities to attend the workshops, many students have chosen to attend the “Being Successful at College” workshop held in Brownlee Hall lounge on Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

David Zlockie, area coordinator for the office of residence life, organized several of the workshops, but says “Being Successful at College” is one of his personal favorites.

Other than being a Connections requirement, Zlockie encourages freshmen to attend because “it’s been statistically proven the first six weeks can make or break someone’s experience at a school. It’s an important time for the new students. On one hand, the workshops connect freshmen to other students and the school. On the other hand, it’s a basic life skill and instruction on how to make the most of your time here at SHU.”

The workshop is set to be presented by Lynda Sukolsky, assistant dean of student success/Academic Achievement Center director, and Andrea Obert, assistant director of the Academic Achievement Center. The women plan on covering time management, academic focus and ways to start a successful student career at SHU.

“Freshmen should know the more exposure they get to other offices like the academic achievement center gives them just one more person they can connect with. Hopefully it allows them to feel more connected to the university. It’s to help you succeed here, not just take up time in Connections, although this is a good time to go if you’ve been neglecting those requirements,” said Zlockie.

Some freshmen have been holding off for this workshop in particular. Rachel Goller, a freshman psychology major, said, “It sounds the most all-inclusive. It isn’t just time management or study tips. It’s the whole big picture of being successful in college. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do.”

The event will be live tweeted under the Twitter account @StarkRavingMage. Follow for interactive coverage and updates on the workshop.

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