A comedy of successes

Seton Hill University’s (SHU) most recent theatrical masterpiece, “Comedy of Errors,” finished its run on Oct. 5, 2013. Robert C.T. Steele directed the Shakespearean tale in his first guest directorship at SHU.  The process in crafting a slapstick comedy with the language of Shakespeare was a tough task, but the leadership of Steele ultimately led the cast to victory.

Alyssa Marie Sheaffer, who played the Abbess, praised the work and availability of Steele, which ultimately led to efficient work.

“Comedy is difficult, especially slapstick, which relies on excellent timing,” said Sheaffer. “So it was a real treat to hear the audience every night, because that meant we were successful.”

Behind the scenes, Becky Schirf and her teammates put in hard work to create the Dali-esque set. A large cloak dripped over half of the stage, providing both seating and a hiding place for the characters.

“There were long hours, and a lot of teamwork, but in the end we were able to pull everything together and put on an amazing show,” said Schirf.

Putting on a Shakespearean play in 2013 is a daunting task. In a time where language is shortened to the utmost, the language of Shakespeare is a rare one to encounter and a tough one to understand, especially when spoken at fast, conversational speeds. The cast, however, portrayed the story in a way that kept the audience attentive and interested.

“Reading Shakespeare before, I found him hard to understand, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to follow along,” said attendee Laekyn Sanders. “ I can honestly say that I was proven wrong, and loved every minute!”

To see more of SHU Theatre, check out www.setonhill.edu/arts/performing_arts, and see “Big Love,” opening Friday, November 15, 2013.

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