‘Blood Brother’ motives personal action

The pressure of college often pushes us to think in terms of careers and income. How are we going to make a living? In this economy, will we get a job? Even in the traditionally solid fields, people are worried about the job force upon graduation.

Rocky Braat shows us something different in “Blood Brothers.” Getting a job is important but there are other considerations when you are deciding what to do with your life. What will be your legacy?

It’s important to find your passion. It might not be across the world like Braat’s was. It might be next door. Nonetheless, life is so much more rewarding if you are working towards something  bigger than yourself. Maybe your passion won’t be your day job, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Pursuing something you are passionate about requires sacrifice. You might have to give a little of your money or, more likely, a little of your time. Chances are,  the fulfillment will outweigh what you give up; at least in the end. For a while, though, it’s going to be hard. If Braat had wanted a simple life, he wouldn’t have pursued his passion: helping the AIDs stricken children in Africa. He could have used his time and money elsewhere, but he was inspired to do something with a real world impact.

Sometimes people think that there are too many problems in the world. Trying to take on this much strife and struggle might seem impossible and overwhelming. You don’t start saving the whole world. You start by trying to affect something small. Maybe even very small.

Start locally. Raise awareness for a cause you care about.  Maybe you can donate some of your money. Later you may raise some funds. Soon, you might be growing towards some sort of personal action. Maybe you help one person, at first. Maybe you only ever help one person… that’s one more person doing well than before.

If you go see “Blood Brothers” pay attention to Braat’s story. His life and his passion aren’t going to be yours, necessarily.  You can still emulate the process. Putting yourself out there to help others might be scary. It goes against a lot of what we are taught by life. It worked for Braat, and made him the subject of an award winning documentary, so give it a try. You can make a difference too.


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